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Home for Life is the RSPCA's free service, giving pet owners peace of mind. It means we will do all we can to find a new, loving home for your pet if you should pass away.

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But you will need to ask your solicitor to update your Will to pass care of your animals to the RSPCA.

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The reassurance that you have made plans for your loving pet to be cared for after you're gone.

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What is Home for Life?

Home for Life is the RSPCA’s free service, giving pet owners peace of mind. It means we’ll do all we can to find a new, loving home for your pet if you should pass away.

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What you have said about Home for Life

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Elizabeth Smith, Derby

‘We joined the Home for Life scheme simply for the fact that we cherish our five Siamese cats and need the security of knowing that they will be cared for and hopefully found another loving home in the event of our death. It’s also nice to be able to leave a small gift to the RSPCA in our Will as a token of our thanks’.

Mr O’Hare & Mrs Kinchin, West Midlands

‘As a responsible pet owner it gives us comfort and reassurance to know our much loved pet will be found a home after our deaths’.

Mrs L Lee, Anglesey

‘My partner and I have no children and any surviving relatives, following our deaths would be older than ourselves. I would not like them to be burdened with the added responsibility of pet care and so, was very concerned about the possible future care of our dog Whiskas. I was delighted to read about Home for Life and felt it was an ideal solution to, what was becoming a worry for me. I think the service is an excellent idea and had no qualms about registering, knowing that Whiskas would be cared for should the ‘unthinkable’ happen’.

Mrs P Welch, Essex

‘When we lose family and friends we all get caught up with dealing with their loss and thats hard enough. But then there is the extra stress of what to do about the pet left behind. Thats why I wanted to join the Home for Life service that the RSPCA is offering, because it takes the worry away from the family and they know that the RSPCA will do all they can to find a new loving home’.

Mrs S McBride, Denbighshire

‘I worried a lot about what would happen to my four cats and one dog when I die. Friends, like myself, are elderly and have animals of their own. I am a lifelong Supporter of the RSPCA and in one of their communications, saw the information about the ‘Home for Life’ scheme. I phoned and spoke to a very sympathetic lady, who was able to answer all my questions. I finally decided that the ‘Home for Life’ scheme was the perfect answer and I joined. Now I can enjoy my animals and not have to worry about their future. Thank you RSPCA’.

Mrs J E Logan, Derbyshire


‘The reason I joined the RSPCA Home for Life is because I would know that if anything happened to me my two cats would be looked after and perhaps found a new home where they would be loved and cared for just as I had done. They came from our local RSPCA shelter and everyone there was so kind and caring to all the animals’.

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  1. I was really touched watching the Home for Life video. Molly, the little cat pawing at the window of her dead owner’s house. I had tears in my eyes. It is so reassuring to know that the RSPCA will take care of registered pets. I do hope that people will read about your good work and save themselves and their pets the worry of what will happen in the event of their owner’s passing. Of course it is imperative that everyone notifies their solicitor of the owner’s wishes, ensuring this vital information is written in the will.

    God Bless the RSPCA and may more people come to understand the importance of this great institution.

    Wendy Livesey (Wrexham)

    Comment by Wendy Livesey on April 9, 2011 at 11:26 am

  2. we adopted a 4 year old jack russell from thr RSPCA whose owner had died and we had three very happy years with her before she died of cancer.She enjoyed every minute of her life with us and we were glad to have her.So please be assured that someone will love your pet too

    Comment by Kerry kemp on March 23, 2012 at 10:15 pm

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